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Can I still apply for a new Ford GT?

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

The return of the Ford GT has been met with great enthusiasm. Over 6,000 fans submitted applications for the new supercar. In addition to all of these completed applications, over 10,000 people showed interest in buying the car, and over 200,000 fans created their own versions of the car using Ford’s online virtual configurator. There is good news and bad news for those of you wondering, “can I still apply for a new Ford GT?” While the application period has now closed, this was just the first window to apply.

“We’re excited by the amount of enthusiasm fans are showing for the new Ford GT.” – Dave Pericak, Director, Global Ford Performance

Ford GT Supercar Power and Performance

The Ford GT will be powered by an all-new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine. Ford is expecting the engine to offer drivers over 600 horsepower. Utilizing a teardrop body design, the GT is as aerodynamic as possible. The supercar cuts through the air, minimizing drag and maximizing performance.

Limited Ford GT Production Run

Only 500 of these great supercars will be produced. Ford GT production will be split over the next two years, with 250 cars being manufactured each year. The application period that just ended on May 12 was for the first 250. The rest of the cars will be available at a later date. The price of the car is expected to be in the mid-$400,000 range.

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When the next application period for the Ford GT supercar comes available we will let you know right here on the Brandon Ford blog. If you’re one of the people who missed out on the applying for the Ford GT, but would still like to get a great Ford performance car, we can help you out right here at Brandon Ford. Out BF Rockets are the best custom Ford performance sports cars in the entire state of Florida.

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