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Can my Ford be hacked?

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

It can be a scary world out there. You hear on the news about people’s privacy being invaded, lives being hacked into, and even cars being turned off remotely. There’s a lot that you can do to protect yourself, but what about your car? In the past, Ford has even allowed hackers into their facilities and into their systems to expose potential weaknesses. So lets answer the question, can your Ford be hacked?

What should I be worried about?

Ford does not take this stuff lightly. Many of their systems are one-way, which means they can only be activated from inside the car. This includes things like the gas and brake pedals, and the steering. Effectively, this cannot be reached remotely at all. The most impressive hacks out there can only originate directly from the car’s internal data port. Every car is vulnerable through this port to some degree. If you have an innovative hacker in your back seat then bad things can happen, otherwise you are completely safe inside your Ford.

If you are really paranoid, you can always check your OBD-II data port for any foreign devices. Unless there is someone out to get you, that also has easy access to the interior of your car, you should be just fine. Even with this port, Ford has taken special measures to adopt vital routine security protocols. If you are still nervous and need help finding your OBD-II port then get in touch with us.

Is Ford SYNC safe?

The Ford SYNC system is a little different. This live system can interact with other devices including your phone. Ford has kept itself ahead of the curve though. They have designed systems that make it more difficult for hackers to get their hands on anything. Ford is always pushing its systems, and they are always releasing updates that make your vehicle even more impenetrable. It’s forward thinking like this that has helped Ford make some of the best vehicles out on the road.

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