Blue 2024 Ford Bronco 2-Door Front Exterior and Blue 2024 Ford Bronco 4-Door Rear Exterior in a Desert

Differences Between the 2-Door Ford Bronco and 4-Door Ford Bronco

Published on Jan 11, 2024 by Brandon Ford

Do you love off-road adventures? The 2024 Ford Bronco is an automotive icon that has been revolutionized to tackle the most extreme terrain that you can find. Available in 2-Door and 4-Door models, potential Ford Bronco buyers have a decision to make and many want to know - what are the differences between the 2-Door Ford Bronco and 4-Door Ford Bronco? We can provide the answers you need and help you find your dream car right here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL!

2-Door Ford Bronco vs 4-Door Ford Bronco: Which Is the Right Fit for You?

When you spend your hard-earned money on a brand-new vehicle, it is important that you find the perfect fit for you, your family and your lifestyle. If you have your heart set on the 2024 Ford Bronco, we hope that this quick 2-Door Ford Bronco vs 4-Door Ford Bronco comparison will help you find the perfect fit. Where price is concerned, the 2-Door Bronco is slightly more affordable with a price tag that starts at $39,130 MSRP for the Ford Bronco Big Bend. The 4-Door Ford Bronco Big Bend will start at $39,870 MSRP.

Available trim levels will vary based on the Ford Bronco model that you choose. The 2-Door Ford Bronco is available in six trim levels - Big Bend, Black Diamond, Heritage Edition, Badlands, Wildtrak and Heritage Limited Edition. Trim levels that are exclusive to the 4-Door Ford Bronco body style include Outer Banks, Everglades and the high-powered Ford Bronco Raptor.

White 2024 Ford Bronco 2-Door Coming Down a Rock Formation

2-Door Ford Bronco vs 4-Door Ford Bronco: Specs and Dimensions

The key difference between the 2-Door Bronco and 4-Door Bronco are the specs and dimensions. A longer wheelbase and longer body are highlights of the 4-Door Ford Bronco design that mean more room inside the Ford Bronco cabin. Here is a better look at the specs and dimensions for each Ford Bronco body style.

2-Door Ford Bronco VS 4-Door Ford Bronco
4 Passengers Passenger Capacity 5 Passengers
22.4 Cubic Feet Cargo Space 35.6 Cubic Feet
99 Cubic Feet Passenger Volume 103.7 Cubic Feet
100.4 Inches Wheelbase 116.1 Inches
173.7 Inches Length 189.4 Inches
8.4 - 11.6 Inches Ground Clearance 8.3 - 13.1 Inches (Raptor)

2-Door Ford Bronco vs 4-Door Ford Bronco: Engine Options and Features

Are you looking for power when you hit the trail? The 2-Door Ford Bronco and 4-Door Ford Bronco feature the same pair of standard engine options - a 300-horsepower 2.3-liter EcoBoost® four-cylinder and a 330-horsepower 2.7-liter EcoBoost® V-6. The exception to the powertrain rule in this comparison is the 4-Door Ford Bronco Raptor, which is powered by a 418-horsepower 3.0-liter EcoBoost® V-6 that will tow up to 4,500 pounds of cargo - compared to 3,500 pounds for all other Ford Bronco models.

When you get behind the wheel of the 2024 Ford Bronco, regardless of 2-Door or 4-Door, you will enjoy a wealth of innovative features and technology. A standard 8-inch Ford SYNC® touchscreen infotainment system and digital instrument cluster will keep you connected no matter where you end up on your next adventure and can be upgraded with the addition of a 12-inch Ford SYNC® 4 touchscreen display. The list of available luxury features and amenities is headlined by leather interior, heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, wireless charging capabilities and a 10-speaker Bang & Olufsen® Stereo System.

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If you are looking for a brand-new 2024 Ford Bronco to match your lifestyle, you may want to know more about the differences between the 2-Door Ford Bronco and 4-Door Ford Bronco. We have got you covered with this quick comparison created by Brandon Ford. Apply for credit approval today to get behind the wheel of a Ford Bronco that fits your specs in Tampa, FL!

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