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How to use Ford Active Park Assist

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

Parallel parking has been a struggle for many of us. Ever since we were forced to do it on our driver’s test, or had a panic attack trying to get that primo spot on a busy street, it has been a slightly scary endeavor. Even if you are a Jedi master at it, Ford is here to help you out. Let us tell you how to use Ford Active Park Assist.

The steps to parallel parking your Ford with Active Park Assist

Of course it can. When you see a potential parking spot, start by approaching slowly. Then press the Active Park Assist Button. Put on your turn signal to tell your vehicle which side of the car it should be searching. The Ford will communicate with you through the SYNC screen and various attention-grabbing chimes. It will let you know when it finds an adequate spot. Keep driving forward until your car tells you to stop.

Now everything becomes magical. Put your car into reverse and take your hands off the wheel. Your Ford will handle the steering all by itself. You just have the gas and brake pedals to worry about. Watch the mirrors to make sure that your Ford is backing up safely.

If you have to interrupt the process, just grab the wheel and remember to brake. When the car chimes again, that means it’s time to shift into drive and let the car complete its final maneuvers.

Get free training on the Ford SYNC system

You never have to look at another parallel parking spot with dread. Just let your Ford do the work. Ford Active Park Assist turns anyone into a parallel parking pro. This wonderful feature comes equipped on many Ford vehicles. If you want to find the right one for you, then let us know. Ford Active Park Assist is part of Ford’s long history of innovation.

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