Orange 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor on a Rocky Trail

What Is the 2023 Ford Bronco HOSS Suspension System?

Published on Jul 7, 2023 by Brandon Ford

Do you love to hit the trail on the weekends in search of adventure? The 2023 Ford Bronco is a capable option on the trail with a rugged platform and innovative 4x4 capabilities. Ford Bronco entries come standard with four-wheel drive and the HOSS System provides an incredible ride on the road or trail. Potential owners of the Ford Bronco want to know - what is the 2023 Ford Bronco HOSS Suspension System - and we have the answers right here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL.

How Does the 2023 Ford Bronco HOSS System Work?

The HOSS System is a High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension that upgrades performance on the trail and allows you to remain in complete control when faced with extreme terrain. Potential owners of the 2023 Ford Bronco will have access to four grades of the HOSS System - HOSS 1.0, HOSS 2.0, HOSS 3.0 and Bronco Raptor HOSS 4.0 - that each provides a different level of performance and capability.

Here is a better look at each level of the HOSS Suspension System.

Black 2023 Ford Bronco Front Exterior on Trail with Steel Bumper

HOSS 1.0 Suspension System

The entry-level HOSS 1.0 Suspension System is standard on Ford Bronco Base, Outer Banks and Black Diamond trim levels and is built for high-speed trail rides. HOSS 1.0 features a passive suspension system that is built with forged alloy A-arms and long-travel coil-over springs with heavy-duty dampers on the front and back. The base suspension system employs a 220-mm solid rear axle with variable-rate coil-over springs.

Blue 2023 Ford Bronco Rear Exterior on Rocky Incline

HOSS 2.0 Suspension System

Do you want to upgrade your weekend adventures? HOSS 2.0 is standard equipment for Ford Bronco Badlands, Everglades, Heritage and Heritage Limited trim levels - and is available with the addition of the Sasquatch Package. The innovative suspension system employs twin forged alloy A-arms with performance-tuned Bilstein™ Positive-Sensitive Dampers with end-stop control. The addition of end cap control valves improve handling and ride control. The HOSS 2.0 Suspension System adds an independent front suspension.

Red 2023 Ford Bronco Front on Snowy Trail

HOSS 3.0 Suspension System

The Ford Bronco Wildtrak is born and bred for extreme terrain and the HOSS 3.0 Suspension System is a key reason why. HOSS 3.0 employs a heavy-duty steering rack for a 40% improvement in maximum load. Additional features of the HOSS 3.0 Suspension System include a rear stabilizer bar, Live Valve 3.1 Internal Bypass Semi-Active Dampers, a powder-coated steel bumper, steel bash plates and more.

Close Up of 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor Suspension on Rocky Trail

Bronco Raptor HOSS 4.0 Suspension System

Trail-rated 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor models combine unrivaled performance with extreme 4x4 capability. The HOSS 4.0 Suspension System is equipped with Live Valve 3.1 Internal Bypass Semi-Active Dampers, positive-sensitive damping, integrated front reservoirs and remote reservoirs in the rear. Armed with the HOSS 4.0 Suspension System, the Ford Bronco Raptor can go almost anywhere and do almost anything.

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Do you love off-road adventures on the weekend? The 2023 Ford Bronco may be the right fit and the HOSS Suspension System provides a capable, comfortable ride no matter how extreme the terrain may be. Potential owners want to know - what is the 2023 Ford Bronco HOSS Suspension System? We have the answers. Apply for credit approval at Brandon Ford and get behind the wheel today!

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