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Which Ford Models Are Available with BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving?

Published on Jul 9, 2024 by Brandon Ford

Autonomous and self-driving vehicles may be the future of the automotive industry — but that future may not be as far away as you think. Automakers continue to advance, adding more and more intelligent driving technologies to their arsenals and Ford continues to drive the industry into the future with the development of Ford BlueCruise hands-free technology. With the increased development of this new technology and more and more drivers interested, many are asking - which Ford models are available with Ford BlueCruise hands-free driving? We are here to help answer your questions at Brandon Ford.E

Ford BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving Features

Ford BlueCruise provides drivers with the capability to drive hands-free on controlled access highways in the United States and Canada in what are called Hands-Free Blue Zones. These Hands-Free Blue Zones cover more than 130,000 miles of divided highways in North America.

Ford BlueCruise is the top-rated active driving-assistance system by Consumer Reports® when compared with other systems like Tesla Autopilot, Chevy SuperCruise, and more. To achieve the hands-free driving experience, the Ford BlueCruise platform employs a comprehensive suite of innovative driver-assistance features that are built around Adaptive Cruise Control.

Graphic of Red Car on Road with 360-Degree Circle Around it in Blue

Here is a better look at additional technologies that work in tandem to provide Ford BlueCruise hands-free driving capabilities.

  • 360-Degree Lane Detection - Ford BlueCruise employs a suite of external sensors to monitor 360 degrees around your vehicle. This technology will keep you centered in your lane and at a safe distance from other vehicles on the highway.
  • Driver-Facing Camera - Integrated into the Ford BlueCruise suite of technology is a driver-facing camera that tracks driver eye movements and head position to ensure that the driver is paying attention to the road and remains vigilant.
  • Connected BlueCruise Maps - The advanced GPS-navigation system employed by Ford BlueCruise employs smart mapping software to notify you when you are in a Hands-Free Blue Zone that is compatible with Ford BlueCruise hands-free driving. When you are in these designated zones, Ford BlueCruise will provide notification and you will be able to drive hands-free.

Ford Vehicles Available with Ford BlueCruise

Blue Map of the United States with Ford BlueCruise Routes

Ford BlueCruise is still new technology and as a result — is not available across the full Ford vehicle lineup and is reserved for popular models and trim levels. Ford continues to expand the availability of Ford BlueCruise and it is expected to be a standard feature in more than 500,000 production models in the next year.


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The future is now when you choose Ford models equipped with Ford BlueCruise hands-free driving technology. Tampa-area drivers interested in a relaxing hands-free drive on I75 want to know — which Ford models are available BlueCruise hands-free driving — and we are here to help answer your questions at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL. Apply for credit approval today and get behind the wheel of a brand-new Ford with Ford BlueCruise technology!

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