2018 Ford Escape vs 2018 Honda HR-V

2018 Ford Escape vs 2018 Honda HR-V

Customers looking for a new crossover or SUV have a lot of options these days. There are so many crossover and SUV models out there, in fact, that many customers don’t even know where to start looking. We’d offer those customers one solid piece of advice – start and end your search with the new Ford SUV lineup.


That’s because the new Ford SUV lineup has something for everyone, from the smaller and incredibly efficient all-new Ford EcoSport to the behemoth that drives like a dream that is the all-new Ford Expedition. And, if you’re looking for something somewhere in between, then you need to check out the new Ford Escape lineup – whose all-around impressiveness will be on full display in this 2018 Ford Escape versus 2018 Honda HR-V head-to-head model comparison.


2018 Ford Escape    VS    2018 Honda HR-V
168 HP and 170 lb-ft.    Standard Horsepower and Torque    141 HP and 127 lb-ft.
245 HP and 275 lb-ft.    Max Available Horsepower and Torque    N/A
23 City MPG/30 Highway MPG    Highest Available Gas Mileage    25 City MPG/33 Highway MPG
98.7/34.0/68.0 ft.3    Interior Space (Passenger Volume/Cargo Capacity with Seats Up/Total Cargo Capacity)    96.1/23.2/55.9 ft.3

2018 Ford Escape Offers Higher Standard & Available Power Ratings and a Larger Interior than the 2018 Honda HR-V – All While Getting Comparable Gas Mileage

We mentioned the all-around impressiveness of the 2018 Ford Escape lineup in our introduction, and now we’re going to expand on exactly what we mean by that. From our experiences here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, there are three big things people look for when shopping for a new SUV – power, fuel efficiency and interior space. These are three areas where the new Ford Escape lineup truly shines, and that’s not just true when compared to the 2018 Honda HR-V lineup – it’s true when the 2018 Escape lineup is compared to any other SUV in its class.


We can say that because the 2018 Ford Escape lineup combines power, efficiency, drivability and size in a way no other SUV can match. The evidence for this claim can be found by perusing the table above. In it, you’ll see all the ways the new Ford Escape lineup is superior to the new Honda HR-V lineup, including offering more standard power, more available power and more interior passenger and cargo space. We should mention, also, that the 2018 HR-V lineup does get slightly better gas mileage than the 2018 Escape lineup, though it’s not by much. And we think a few miles per gallon is an easy sacrifice to make when you take all the additional power you’re getting with a new Escape into consideration.


For more on the 2018 Ford Escape lineup, please get in touch with our knowledgeable Brandon Ford staff in Tampa, FL.

driver dash and infotainment system of a 2018 Ford Escape
top down view of the full interior of a 2018 Ford Escape
rear cargo area of a 2018 Ford Escape with all seats down
rear view of a black 2018 Ford Escape