2020 Ford Expedition Lineup vs 2019 Ford Expedition Lineup

2020 Ford Expedition Lineup vs 2019 Ford Expedition Lineup

Now that the 2020 Ford Expedition lineup has made its grand debut here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, it’s time to take a look at how the new Expedition lineup compares to the 2019 Ford Expedition lineup.


The 2020 Expedition lineup has some pretty big shoes to fill, as the 2019 Expedition lineup entered its model year packed to the brim with all-new features, all-new capabilities, all-new stylings, and all-new…well…basically everything else. The 2019 model year was a true turning point for the lineup, updating and upgrading the 2019 Expedition lineup to make it the perfect new SUV for daily commutes, errand runs, weekend adventures, family excursions, and everything in between. So, how does the 2020 Expedition lineup fare against its 2019 counterpart? We’re going to find that out right here in our 2020 Ford Expedition lineup versus 2019 Ford Expedition lineup head-to-head comparison.


2020 Ford Expedition    VS    2019 Ford Expedition
375 HP & 470 lb-ft.    Standard Power Ratings    375 HP & 470 lb-ft.
171.9 ft.3    Passenger Space    171.9 ft.3
104.9 ft3    Total Cargo Space    104.9 ft3
XLT, Limited, King Ranch, Platinum    Trim Level List    XLT, Limited, Platinum

2020 Ford Expedition Lineup at Brandon Ford in Tampa FL Wows with All-New 2020 Expedition King Ranch Trim Level

As you can see in our 2020 Expedition versus 2019 Expedition head-to-head lineup comparison, the two Expedition lineups are identical in terms of power, capability, and interior space. The same can be said about the gas mileage of the two lineups, as it too is identical.

This, however, is a case of don’t fix what’s not broken. That’s because, as we mentioned in our introduction, the 2019 Expedition lineup was fully updated, upgraded, enhanced, and improved for the 2019 model year. But, then, why should you choose a 2020 Expedition over a 2019 Expedition?


Well, the answer to that question lies in the final row of our table. That’s right, the 2020 Ford Expedition lineup welcomes an old friend back to the fray in the form of the 2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch – a new Expedition trim level with a unique interior and exterior style all its own, in addition to a comprehensive suite of advanced new safety, technology, comfort and convenience features.


If you’d like more information on the 2020 Ford Expedition lineup, please get in touch with our staff here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL.

front interior of a 2020 Ford Expedition
rear interior of a 2020 Ford Expedition
front view of a white 2020 Ford Expedition
rear view of a white 2020 Ford Expedition