2021 Ford Bronco Ordering Process and FAQs

As you are aware, Ford Motor Company has begun the process of converting 2021 Ford Bronco reservations into orders. Our team is just as excited as you to convert your reservation into an order. Brandon Ford prides ourselves in our attention to customer service, and we want the ordering process for your Bronco to be no different than the other high-quality experiences you have come to expect from our dealership. You’ll find everything you need to know, along with answers to frequently asked questions, right here on this page.

Please note that some options may be late availability and not an option to be built in the 2021 Model Year.

• Black Painted Modular Hard Top

• Dual Top (Soft Top & Hard Top, Both Shipped with Vehicle)

• All Black Interior Seating option on First Edition

2022 Model Year Content: (Deliveries will start in January 2022)

• Manual Transmission with Sasquatch Package

• Matching Body Color Painted Modular Hard Top

• Contrasting With Painted Modular Hard Top

• Roof Rack with 4-Door Sasquatch Package

• Slide Out Tailgate – Factory Installed

Accessories and Custom/Aftermarket Parts for Your New Bronco:

For the best customer experience regarding accessories, please contact one of our parts representatives listed below to order your Bronco Accessories. This will help ensure you are accurately quoted with the most up-to-date information available.

Parts Specialist Omar Aponte: (813) 728-8622 – oaponte@brandonford.com

Parts Specialist Devon Peaslee: (813) 846-5596 – dpeaslee@brandonford.com

Frequently Asked Questions

• “When will my order arrive?” On orders that are buildable for 2021 Model Year (MY), timing will be communicated in May.

“Does the time of my order affect the time it will be built?” The reservation is the only thing time stamped that will affect order timing. The date the actual order is placed, or date the order is received does not affect the customers place “in line”. There is no “line”.

“How can I change my order from another dealer to you?” Customers are able to change where their reservation is placed one time before ordering. They can do this by contacting the Ford customer relationship center at 877-945-3648. This has to be done by the customer.

“What number is my order with you?” Your order with us does not affect your order timing. Your reservation timing affects your order timing.

“Another dealer says I can switch my order from you guys to them and I’ll get it faster. I read it online. Is this true?” Timing is based on the timing of your reservation. Some dealers have promised customers many different things including guaranteeing a faster process online if they switch their order to them. We suggest using extreme caution and common sense when evaluating those other dealers. Brandon Ford follows Ford’s recommended ordering process. We order thousands of vehicles every year from Ford, and can assure you, if you want it ordered correctly and to actually come in, Brandon Ford is the right choice.

“Are you guys charging over MSRP?” “Brandon Ford will not charge customers over MSRP for Bronco.

• “Will you honor plan pricing on Ordered Broncos?“ Brandon Ford will honor plan pricing on eligible ordered Broncos as long as a proper pin # and documentation is provided by the customer.

“How can I Convert my reservation into an order?” Our team has been reaching out to customers. But you can also do one of the following:

Option 1: You can email our Bronco Team directly @ bronco@brandonford.com Please include both your reservation #, as well as your build and price either as an attachment, or you can send us the link from Ford’s build and price of your Broncos specs from Ford.com

Option 2: Reach out to your salesperson or our sales team directly with your build and price from Ford and reservation number. They will bring the information we need to convert your order to our Bronco team and we will confirm your final order with you by email.

“If a customer converts an order based on the 21MY but gets pushed to 22MY, will they be able to resubmit or update an order for 22MY?” Yes. Orders can be updated until they are scheduled for production.

“Is there any benefit to converting a reservation to order earlier within the Jan 20th – Mar 19th period?” No. The customer’s reservation time stamp will stay attached to the order. The time stamp will help determine build priority. Converting a reservation earlier will not impact production timing.

“Do reservations ever expire?” There is no expiration date for reservations at this time.

“If a customer wants options that are late availability 21MY, should they convert their reservation to an order?” Yes. Converting reservations during the conversion window will ensure customers receive an estimated delivery window in May. It does not, however guarantee a 21MY Bronco

“Will deferring a reservation to 22MY negatively impact a customer’s timestamp?” No. We will continue to utilize timestamps as a factor to determine when units will be built. Other factors include dealership allocation and order/package availability.

“Are First Editions going to be built first?” First Editions will be built throughout 21MY production, e.g. some will want the black painted modular hard top which is late availability

Contact Us with Any Questions

The Brandon Ford Bronco Team

Email: Bronco@brandonford.com *

Text Inquiries/Voicemail Box: (813) 850-7465 *

*Please make sure to include your reservation # whenever reaching out.