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2 Food Pantries that Can Use Your Help In Tampa FL

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

With November comes the start of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and all of the December holidays aren’t too far behind. That means many different things for many different people, be we hope one thing it means for everyone is an increase in giving. There are many ways to help the unfortunate during the holiday season – and the rest of the year, too, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to rage – but one of the easiest ways to help those in need is to donate food to a local food pantry. We have many food pantries throughout Tampa, FL, that need help, but we’re here to highlight two specific Tampa, FL, food pantries that can use your help this year – and every year. So, the next time you’re out grocery shopping, please keep these two food pantries – and the countless hungry people in our community – in mind.


Community Food Pantry of Tampa FL

The first Tampa food pantry we want to highlight is the Community Food Pantry of Tampa, FL. Located at 13115 South Village Drive right here in Tampa, the staff and volunteers of the Community Food Pantry work tirelessly to make sure everyone in our community has enough to eat throughout the year. The Community Food Pantry has been experiencing a significant rise in new families needing food this year, so please click the link above to find out all you need to know about their needs and how you can help meet those needs.

Kaye Prox Food Bank

Another group that works endlessly to help end hunger in Tampa is the Kaye Prox Food Bank – located at 8401 West Hillsborough Avenue. Like the Community Food Pantry, the Kaye Prox Food Bank is always in need of food, household necessities, and volunteers. Click the link to find out how you can help, and let’s put an end to hunger – now and forever.

And if you find yourself in need of any kind of automotive service or a new Ford car, truck or SUV to get your donations to your chosen food pantry, please contact our staff here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL.

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