2016 Ford Bronco, it’s Engine and Specs

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

Ford has fooled us before.

The rumor mill was working over time with fans of the Bronco getting excited about the 2016 Ford Bronco, it’s engine and specs. Ford has now officially declined that it will come into being, but then again, if we had asked them about the GT a few months ago they would have said that it didn’t exist either. So we remain hopeful as we think every fan is.

What would have been truly amazing is the engine that everyone was hoping to see come with the return of the Bronco. If the 5.0L engine with the ability to create 420 horsepower were real it would certainly fit the trend of new performance vehicles from Ford. There were also rumors of two other variants, both of which would have powerstroke diesel engines. A 4.5L that outputs 330 horsepower and a 5.8L that outputs 662 horsepower.

The 662 horsepower doesn’t seem quite as realistic as the other two options, but you never know what Ford might have up their sleeves. All options were said to be available with a six-speed automatic or manual transmission. We would also expect there to be more of a range if we were going to be seeing a vehicle with this much power.

Though we do want to see a new Bronco as much as the next person, the specifications that have been rumored are probably off by a little, if there is in fact one on the way. Even with a trademark filed, the likelihood of the SUV coming back is still quite low. Ford most likely just wants to hold onto to the name so no one else can have it.

The good news? Even though we may not be getting a Bronco, there are many vehicles in the lineup that are similar. From the Expedition and Explorer to the F-150, you can find the same great performance and continued innovation that comes from Ford and if we don’t get a Bronco in 2016, we always have next year.

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