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2016 Ford Fiesta ST

2016 Ford Focus ST vs 2016 Ford Fiesta ST

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

Ford has been one of the automakers at the forefront of a new trend of small, but fun, cars. Just because a car is a compact doesn’t mean it can’t be a performance car. Looking at the 2016 Ford Focus ST vs the 2016 Ford Fiesta ST will help anyone torn between the two cars make a final decision on which small performance machine is right for you.

2016 Ford Focus ST


2016 Ford Fiesta ST

2.0-liter four-cylinder


1.6-liter four-cylinder




23 city/31 highway

Fuel Economy

26 city/35 highway

Ford Focus ST Horsepower Rating

The larger size of the 2016 Ford Focus ST gives the car a distinct advantage in the engine and horsepower categories. With a standard turbocharged 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine, the 252 horsepower produced by the Focus ST is easily able to best the 197 offered by the 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine standard on the Fiesta ST. For pure power and speed, the 2016 Ford Focus ST is the way to go.

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Ford Fiesta ST Fuel Economy Rating

While the larger size and larger engine of the Ford Focus ST help the car out in the power category, the Fiesta is able to take the edge when comparing fuel economy. With its smaller engine and lighter body, the Fiesta ST is able to earn an estimated 26 city/35 highway miles per gallon. Though not as good as the Fiesta, the Focus ST still earns a respectable 23 city/31 highway mpg. If you’re looking to get the best fuel economy possible in your sporty small subcompact, very few cars can best the 2016 Ford Fiesta ST.

Whether you choose the power of the 2016 Ford Focus ST, or the fuel economy of the 2016 Ford Fiesta ST, be assured you are going to be getting a sporty car that puts fun back into the compact and subcompact classes.

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