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2020 Ford Escape VS 2019 Ford Escape Model Comparison

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

There’s no doubting that the all-new 2020 Ford Escape lineup – which is on its way to Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL – is a truly impressive leap ahead for the lineup after an equally impressive 2019 model year for the lineup, but just how much better is the new Ford Escape lineup at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL? Well, we’re going to find that out right here in this 2020 Ford Escape versus 2019 Ford Escape model comparison. After you’re finished looking everything over, you’ll quickly see just how much the 2020 Escape lineup has improved upon the greatness of the 2019 Escape lineup.

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Comparing the Powertrain Options of the 2020 Escape Lineup and the 2019 Escape Lineup: The All-New 2020 Escape Features a Pair of Hybrid Powertrain Options!

One of the biggest differences between the 2020 Ford Escape lineup and the 2019 Ford Escape lineup is the fact that the 2020 Escape lineup gives you a pair of hybrid options to choose from. Not only do these hybrid powertrain options still provide you with the power and capability you’ve come to expect from a new Ford SUV, but they also save you a ton of money at the pump. The rest of the engine options for the 2020 Escape lineup have also been upgraded for the new model year, providing you with higher power ratings than the 2019 Escape lineup provided.

Comparing the Passenger and Cargo Space of the 2020 Escape Lineup and the 2019 Escape Lineup: Get More Passenger Room in an All-New 2020 Ford Escape!

The interior of the 2020 Ford Escape lineup has also been refreshed to provide you with more passenger space than what’s found in the 2019 Ford Escape lineup. You do sacrifice a little cargo space when compared to the 2019 Escape lineup, though there’s still plenty of room for hauling whatever needs to be hauled.

For more on the 2020 Ford Escape lineup, the 2019 Ford Escape lineup, and all of our other new Ford models, please contact our staff here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL.

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