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Ford Engineers Use Ancestral DNA Studies to Connect Us to Our Mustangs

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

Have you ever wondered why the roar of a new Ford Mustang makes you feel so good inside? You might think the reasons are many, including the fact that you know that roar means you’re about to be taken for the ride of your life, but it actually runs deeper than that as science has found that our connection to sounds and the emotions those sounds elicit goes all the way back to our ancient ancestors. And Ford engineers have used those ancestral DNA studies to create a deeper connection between us and our Mustangs – which is what we’re going to take a closer look at here.

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Why the Roar of a New Ford Mustang Makes Us Feel So Good

The science behind why the roar of a new Ford Mustang at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, makes us feel so good can get a little complicated. Luckily, the engineers at Ford are good at putting it in layman’s terms, which you can see below. You can also check out the video below for even more Mustang fun.

“We work to identify that signature sound DNA that connects drivers to the emotional expectation they have for a specific car. Strum a chord on an acoustic guitar, and you get a clean, simple sound wave – that’s your quiet Brahms’ Lullaby kind of mood. Plug that guitar into an amp and crank it up to 11, and that’s your aggressive, crackling sound that really rocks your soul. We call that track mode.” – Hani Ayesh, Ford Exhaust Development Engineer

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