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Ford GoRide Health Transportation Services Expanding Nationwide

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

Getting to doctor’s appointments and other medical services can be a hassle for anyone, but it’s an especially tough task for those in wheelchairs and for others with special needs. That’s why the Ford GoRide Health non-emergency transportation services are so vital for so many all across this great country. But with no Ford GoRide Health services located anywhere near Tampa, FL, how and why is this important to us? Well, it’s important because Ford just announced that GoRide Health transportation services are being expanded nationally. So, with Ford GoRide Health coming soon to Tampa, FL, let’s learn some more about it.

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Learn More About Ford GoRide Health and the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services It Provides

As we mentioned in our introduction, the Ford GoRide Health non-emergency medical transportation services are being expanding nationwide, meaning it won’t be long until they’re right here in Tampa, FL – in fact, it’s already in Miami. But what exactly are the services offered by the Ford GoRide Health non-emergency medical transportation system? And how will they help us here in Tampa, FL? Well, let’s ask the experts.

“GoRide Health is gaining momentum because it is a reliable, human-centered service for people whose very lives depend on making their medical appointments. Despite a critical and growing need across our country, most patients are unable to find reliable transportation and drivers who understand their needs. GoRide Health can fill that gap.” – Minyang Jiang (MJ), CEO of GoRide Health

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