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Ford SYNC vs Ford SYNC3

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

In the world of infotainment systems, Ford reigns king with its advanced technology, innovative features and impeccable craftsmanship, and with the latest update, it is even more so a gem in the eyes of drivers seeking information as well as entertainment in one handy system.

Ford SYNC is the kind of system that you don’t really know you want or need until you have it and when drivers want to have it all, they usually look to Ford because time after time, Ford is known for giving drivers exactly what they don’t even know they want or need. In the case of the infotainment system, Ford SYNC keeps getting better and better, and many of the 2016 model year vehicles that are coming out are now equipped with Ford SYNC3, which is now more responsive to touch and audio controls than ever before.

If you are comparing Ford SYNC vs Ford SYNC3, you will find a few differences that may make or break the system you are looking at.

Ford SYNC3

Obviously, or maybe not, Ford SYNC3 is going to contain more capabilities, but may also carry a higher price tag. Those improved capabilities and features aren’t created and added for free, unfortunately, but if you are willing to shell out a few more dollars to upgrade your infotainment system, Ford SYNC3 promises to be worth it.

However, if you are just looking for a basic infotainment system that can play music and can be synced with Bluetooth technology, SYNC may be just the system for you.

The major differences between the two systems include a bit of wireless technology in that SYNC3, like we said, is now more responsive to touch and audio controls, but also SYNC AppLink, Siri integration, meaning when your phone is synced with the system, you can talk to Siri, climate control and also automatic updates over WiFi.

To explore all of your options of infotainment systems today, come to Brandon Ford! We’d love you to see what is all available!

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