2016 Ford GT

Where are there public racing tracks near Tampa?

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

A lot of us are big fans of our fast cars, especially the Shelby GT350. But some of us have trouble finding the best place to take it for a race. And since you can’t go through your neighborhood at top speed, we fear that our vehicles will never see their full potential realized. So just where are there public racing tracks near Tampa? That’s a good question.

It is one that we expect to hear more often after the reveal of the newest GT model. And if it is the first time you’re asking this question then we recommend learning how to drive on a track. Driving schools like Hooked on Driving are available in Florida and can help you learn to have expert control over your vehicle at high speeds.

There are a number of places that let you get your vehicle onto a track for quite a bit of fun, but there is also a fee. Some places will charge as high as $1000 a day, but they do offer quite a bit to go along with that chunk of change. Some places will have a mechanic on site to torque your wheels, check tire pressure between runs, keep an eye on engine temperature and even change your tires if you bring a spare set.

A number of tracks are located in Miami, so you can make a weekend of the whole experience. If you have the new Mustang or plan to get the new Mustang Shelby GT350R or GT we think you’ll agree that it is worth it to finally hit your top speed. And if you want to bring a friend, but don’t want to share your car, many tracks offer rentals.

If you don’t have the car you need yet, we can help you find the right performance vehicle for your racing needs. And if you do already have a vehicle then we hope that we’ll see you out on the track soon. Just be sure you have your spare set of tires with you.