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How to Maintain Your Car During the Winter

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

Avalanches are forming down the mountains to blanket the roads with knee-high snow, heralding the arrival of Christmas trees, reindeers, and jingle bells. Staying at home at all times during the winter may not be practically possible. So, you will need to learn how to maintain your car during the winter to have a comfortable drive. Brandon Ford ensures timely maintenance of cars in Tampa, FL, for optimum winter performance. Here are a few tips to take care of your vehicle this winter.  

Check-Up for Your Car 

Change in seasons will affect the fuel efficiency of a car if the exteriors and interiors are not made conducive to the rise and fall of temperature. Winters can be the hardest for a car to cope with unless properly maintained. Make sure to have your car undergo a health check-up, especially for forecasted extreme weather conditions. Avoid all potential accidents this winter by getting the basic preparatory check-up done.  

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Proper Battery Functioning 

Effects of winter on car batteries are less destructive compared to the summer heat. However, it is imperative that you get the battery health checked by an authorized mechanic. Problems such as trouble in starting or flickering lights may arise due to the freezing of the distilled water in the battery. Any such indication of damage to the battery must be taken into account when considering a repair or maintenance. 

Give Short Warm-Ups 

Advanced technologies and mechanical components allow cars to be less prone to severe impacts of freezing caused in winter. However, you will still need to idle your car for 3-5 minutes as a warm-up session so that the vehicle functions with a free flow of the engine oils while moving. 

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Tire Pressure Maintenance 

The contraction of air in tires is a resultant of the cold weather, leading to a decrease in tire pressure. Maintaining the pressure is highly crucial to enabling a safe and comfortable drive. Hence, more frequent tire pressure checks are recommended. 

Winter Car Maintenance at Tampa, FL 

Get in touch with us for any vehicle-related queries. Schedule repair and maintenance for your cars to ensure uninterrupted powerful performance also during the winter.  

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