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Ford Intelligent Access and push-button start

Published on Feb 28, 2023 by Dylan Weiher

How to use Ford push-button start

Starting Ford with push-button start is easy. The first step is to depress the brake. If you are driving a manual transmission Ford, then  press the clutch instead. Now, with your key fob in your pocket, simply press the start/stop button. Turning off your Ford is just as easy. Press the brake, make sure the car is at a full stop, put the car into park, and then press the start/stop button. It really is that easy to use Ford push-button start technology with Intelligent Access.

If you ever lose your key fob, then you will need to get it replaced. Let our service center replace your key fob.


Locking and unlocking your doors

With the Intelligent Access key fob in your pocket, you never have to go digging in your pockets again, at least not to use your car. With the fob in your pocket, unlocking the doors is as simple as pulling on the door handle. To lock the doors, press the sensor on the driver’s door handle. It will either look like a square or it will have a ridge pattern on it.


Opening your trunk is just as easy. There is a soft button either above or below the license plate, or on your lift-gate. Press that with the key fob in your pocket, and the trunk or lift-gate will come right open.


What happens if my key fob battery dies?

You have nothing to worry about. Ford has planned for this scenario. Inside your key fob is a key that you can use to gain access to your car through the driver’s door. This key either slides out or is inside a small compartment on the back. You can also use this key to gain access if the battery in your car is dead.


Once inside, you may put the key back inside your key fob. To start the car there is a slot in the steering wheel or a pocket in the center console made just for the key fob. The slot may also be in the glove compartment. Locate it, insert the key fob, and then start your car normally.


If you want to learn more about Ford Intelligent Access or what Ford vehicles it’s available in, then contact us.

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