Interior of the 2022 Ford GT with comfortable seating and blue upholstery

The All-New Powerful 2022 Ford GT

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

A car that never needs an introduction- the Ford GT- the most popular sports car since 1964. Almost sixty years later, the technology is on an all-time high in terms of extensive application, and the car only gets better every year. Burning out the tires of this beast while revving up the efficient engine is a sound worth savoring. Your dreams meet reality with the all-new powerful 2022 Ford GT, which takes its best course on the highway. Brandon Ford is the best place for the fans of Ford residing in Tampa, FL. Let’s take a closer look at the latest edition of the Ford GT. 

What is New in the 2022 Ford GT? 

Five years after the previous edition, the Ford GT comes with an excellent upgrade and a tribute to the original GT prototypes. This newly designed sports car is said to mark the final year in the limited-production bout of race cars. Exterior features, including the Wimbledon White paint and Antimatter Blue strokes, blend with the latest sporty elements to light up the space. Lightspeed Blue bleeds to form the perfect stripes over the roof and the carbon-fiber wheels. Adding to these adornments is the undeniably best twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 engine, which is an absolute winner among the most recent sports cars. One of the most exciting aspects of driving the 2022 Ford GT is that it feels light and easy despite its heavily-packed performance-driven installations.  

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Pricing and Release Date 

Although the prices haven’t been officially released, most experts predict its launch at no less than $500,000, which is the starting MSRP for almost every GT to date. Announcements about the official release date are not out yet, but the car, along with the GT ‘64 Heritage Edition, will tentatively have its grand launch at the beginning of 2022.   

Find Your Dream Ford Vehicle Near Tampa, FL

Keep track of the news and release dates to schedule the experience of a lifetime. Check out the thoroughbred machines of finesse and accelerate to a racy mood with the new additions to our inventory. Drop by our store or book test drives for the latest releases.  

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