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Top Automotive Innovations of 2022

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

The year 2021 has almost gone by and Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner. It was a great year for auto innovations with fantastic new technologies launched. These new tech features and innovations are a step towards sustainable innovation. Automotive companies are slowly catching up with these innovations. Here are the top 3 Automotive Innovations to watch out for in 2022.

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2022 Automotive Innovations – Automotive Sustainability

Sustainable Mobility with Electric powered vehicles

A major change that the automotive companies were seen shifting to, was moving towards a climate-friendly production. Under this, companies started to incorporate reclaimed leather and eco-friendly material for the interior and switched to making hybrid and all-electric vehicles. This was a major move in terms of innovation and sustainability. Now you can save a lot on fuel and save the planet from emissions.

Driver Assist Features

Another major innovation was advanced driver-assist features that now come standard on almost all cars. The Driver Assist features combine technology to alert you about possible collisions with Pre-Auto collision warnings. It also takes protective measures like emergency braking in case a collision is suspected. The inbuilt parking system helps you park correctly and avoid obstacles. The Driver Assist features ensure 360-degree safety in your car.

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Wireless Smartphone Connectivity and Charging

We know all vehicles come with charging points for decades. The auto innovations have taken it to next level and made wireless charging and connectivity possible. Now not just the driver but your passengers can stay connected while traveling and also arrive at the destination fully charged. With wireless connectivity, you can connect your smartphone to the infotainment and access all the features conveniently. Alternatively, you can connect your phone and enjoy your playlist without any difficulty.

Ford has incorporated all these major innovations and set to launch its EV line-up by the end of this year and accepting bookings for upcoming all-electric models. Visit Brandon Ford for booking or to test drive the latest models.

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