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What are the New Ford Models for 2022

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

A new year roars into the automotive industry with releases likely to uplift the market for faster and more efficient vehicles on the road. What are the new Ford models for 2022- the question all Ford fans want answered to ride in style through the jingles of Christmas to the fireworks of New Year’s Eve. Brandon Ford delivers descriptions for each vehicle for the buyers in Tampa, FL, before scheduling the test drive and purchase. If you are looking forward to buying the latest edition of your favorite Ford, here is the highly anticipated lineup for 2022. 

Ford F-150 Lightning  

Ford introduces their best electric features in the latest edition of their most popular pickup truck. This integration replaces the standard V-6 or V-8 engine with electric motors. Interiors of the Lightning model have traces of the signature Sync 4A entertainment system but appear enhanced with the sleek and stylish finish. Each charge can last for 230 miles to 300 miles; you can choose a battery pack that suits your requirements.  

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Ford Transit  

The 2022 version of the Transit van comes with impressive facilities such as a 12-inch infotainment touchscreen, keyless entry, and push-button start. Conventional minivan features are broken here, providing you with multiple options for further modifications that enable a comfortable carriage and driving experience. 

2022 Ford Bronco 

The all-new Bronco is better than the older versions and revamps its position with retro styling and off-road capabilities. Terrain and altitude aren’t in question when Ford Bronco serves its purpose as the all-terrain SUV with its 400-plus-hp twin-turbo V-6 engine and 37-inch tires. Various safety and driver assists included in the Ford Co-Pilot 360 suite are available in the 2022 Ford Bronco.  

Ford Maverick 

Ford has always pushed the horizons for pickup trucks with the Maverick. Most features of a full-size pickup are offered in this compact truck. Furthermore, the 2022 Ford Maverick comes in various affordable trim levels that feature excellent maneuverability. 

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