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Man Using Ford BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving in His Ford

What Is Ford BlueCruise Technology?

Published on Aug 4, 2023 by Brandon Ford

Safety is a priority for families on the road and it is a priority for the Ford Motor Company. To help protect families, automotive safety technology continues to improve and many automakers are driving towards hands-free driving technology that works to eliminate human error on the highways. Ford BlueCruise is the latest hands-free highway driving technology created and implemented by Ford and many potential owners want to know - what is Ford BlueCruise technology? Find out with this overview created by Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL!

How Does Ford BlueCruise Hand-Free Driving Technology Work?

Ford BlueCruise is an innovative platform that provides drivers with hand-free driving capabilities on North American highways. In automotive terms, Ford BlueCruise is a Level 2 Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) that relies on two key pieces of technology - Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane-Centering Assistance. Ford employs GPS and navigational data on 130,000 miles of highways in North America - 97% of controlled-access highways in the United States and Canada - that is communicated to the Ford BlueCruise system. These stretches of highway are called Blue Zones.

When your Ford F-150 is on one of those sections of highway and you engage the Adaptive Cruise Control, you will have access to Ford BlueCruise and will be notified by blue lighting on the instrument panel. With Ford BlueCruise engaged, the Adaptive Cruise Control system will monitor your speed and distance from the vehicle in front of you and Lane Centering Assistance will help your Ford car, truck or SUV remain in the center of your lane. Even with Ford BlueCruise implemented, it is important for drivers to remain alert behind the wheel and the system uses a Driver Monitoring System to track driver readiness.

Which Ford Models Are Available with Ford BlueCruise?

Are you interested in the hands-free highway driving provided by Ford BlueCruise? Ford BlueCruise is a relatively new technology for the brand and is available in select models and trim levels. Potential owners interested in a Ford car, truck or SUV with hands-free driving capabilities will have a few options to choose from at Brandon Ford.

Map of Florida with Ford BlueCruise Blue Zones Marked with Blue Lines

Where Will Ford BlueCruise Work in Florida?

Ford BlueCruise operates on more than 130,000 miles of controlled-access highways in North America with the navigation system in your Ford and many drivers want to know where Ford BlueCruise will work in Florida. When Ford BlueCruise hands-free driving is available, the instrument panel lights in your Ford will turn blue. Highways in Florida that are Blue Zones include - I10, I95, I4, I75 and more.

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Tampa-area drivers interested in hands-free driving want to know - what is Ford BlueCruise technology? We can answer your questions about Ford BlueCruise hands-free driving right here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL. Apply for credit approval at Brandon Ford and get behind the wheel of a brand-new Ford car, truck or SUV!

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