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2015 Ford F150 sport mode

What is sport mode in 2015 Ford F150?

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

Making the 2015 Ford F150 sportier has always been a desire of Ford manufacturers and designers, but it was just a matter of how. Finally, they figured why not just take some of the best features of one of the most powerful vehicles in the lineup and incorporate that into one of the most popular and innovative pickups money can buy?


The F150 is all-new for 2015 and it is made from military grade aluminum alloy, which decreases the vehicle’s weight by 700 pounds and makes it much more efficient. Another new feature for the F150 is sport mode. This is expected to be available in all 2016 model year Ford F150 models.



The sport mode in the F150 is almost identical to that of the Ford Mustang, which means it is incredibly powerful and even efficient. There are no worries among drivers who have the F150’s sport mode enacted because it can handle just about anything. From agile handling of a wide variety of terrains to easily switching between gears, there is nothing the all-new F150 can’t do.


If you have an F150 with sport mode, you will be able to take the back roads with no worries at any time of day. Sport mode in the new F150 changes the frequency the transmission shifts, which allows it to hold lower gear levels for longer. There is much less shifting involved, whether you drive an automatic or stick shift F150 with sport mode, and drivers have noticed the ride to be much more enjoyable.


Acceleration is quicker and the RPMs are higher, which makes for a more enhanced, exciting drive. The added sport mode is just what the F150 was missing because drivers can get the space and power they need from a pickup with the performance of a sports car like a Mustang. You won’t find this combination anywhere else. Sport mode is standard with every F150 engine and can be used in both two- and four-wheel drive.




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