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When Do I Need to Replace My Tires?

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

Spring is upon us here in Tampa, Florida, which means it’s the perfect time to do a little “spring cleaning” for your Ford car, truck or SUV. And your tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle that you need to keep an eye on. Without good tires, well, we don’t need to tell you what can happen. But you may be asking yourself, when do I need to replace my tires? How do you know if they’ll last another season or if now’s the time to install a new set? Well, that’s why we’re here – to make sure your automobile is ready for another season of driving around the great state of Florida.

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Checking Your Tire Tread

The easiest way to check the condition of your tires is to reach in your pocket and find a penny. Place the penny into the tread grooves of your tires in multiple different spots. If you can always see most of Lincoln’s head, then you’re probably in need of new tires. If most of Lincoln’s head is covered, then you should be, too. This may not seem like the most scientific way to check on your tires, but it’s easy and it works.

Tire Age and Exposure

Two other elements play a big part in wearing down your tires. Exposure to heat and the sun’s ultraviolet rays can negatively affect your tires. That can be a concern here in Tampa, FL, as our hot summer days can play a role in tire degradation. Tire age also plays a role. No matter what your tread looks like, if your tires are between 6 and 10 years old, then it’s probably time to get a new set.

If you find yourself in need of new tires, or would like an expert opinion on the status of your tires, look no further than the Brandon Ford Service Department. Our experienced and certified technicians will ensure your new tires are a perfect match for your vehicle and your driving style. And you can even schedule a service appointment right here on our website. If you’d like to talk to someone first, feel free to get in touch with our friendly Brandon Ford staff in Tampa, FL.

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