Ford F-150 mudding

Why does my Ford F-150 shake?

Published on Mar 3, 2023 by Product Expert

There are many things that could make your truck shake, and we will walk you through them. This guide applies to more than just Ford trucks. These problems can come up on nearly any vehicle regardless of make or model. First step is not to worry. This is a solvable problem, and we just have to start by ruling things out. Let’s figure out why your F-150 shakes.

Wheel balance and alignment

If you feel the shake in the wheel only while you are driving, then it could be a wheel balance or alignment issue. If you have been in the mud recently, your wheels can pick up some extra uneven weight. Check for caked mud on both sides of your wheels and tires. Usually your hand and a garden hose can solve the problem here. If you are all clean then you may want to get the wheels and alignment checked and calibrated.


If your Ford F-150 only shakes while braking, then it could be a warped rotor or some other brake issue. Get those brakes and rotors inspected.

Spark plugs

Your Ford F-150 could be misfiring. When the engine is cool, take a peek at the spark plugs. They should look relatively clean and the tips should be intact and not worn down. Make sure you get the right spark plugs for your Ford F-150 with our parts department.

Fuel Injectors

Your fuel injectors could be dirty or clogged. You can try running some fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank, just make sure you follow the proper instructions.

Professional Help

Beyond this point, you may need a professional to help you. It can still be the injectors or it could be a vacuum leak, a bad EGR valve, or even a coil. Before you spend a fortune running down all the possible issues, let a professional in Brandon Ford service department diagnose your problem correctly.

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