2019 Ford Edge vs 2018 Ford Edge

2019 Ford Edge vs 2018 Ford Edge

We’ve been in a perpetual state of excitement for the last few model years here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, thanks to Ford going on an all-new model release spree the likes of which have never been seen before in the automotive industry. That spree now includes the all-new 2019 Ford Edge lineup, which we have right here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL.


Anyone who’s had the privilege of being behind the wheel of a 2018 Ford Edge may think there isn’t a ton of room for improvement, but those people will understand they’re mistaken as soon as they get behind the wheel of an all-new 2019 Edge model. That’s because the all-new 2019 Edge lineup has received a wide array of enhancements and upgrades to make it more powerful, more functional and more fun to drive than the 2018 Edge lineup. To see what we mean, check out this 2019 Ford Edge versus 2018 Ford Edge comparison.


2019 Ford Edge    VS    2018 Ford Edge
2019 Edge ST    Ford Performance Trim Level?    No
250 HP & 275 lb-ft.    Base Engine Power Ratings    245 HP & 275 lb-ft.
335 HP & 380 lb-ft.    Top Power Ratings    315 HP & 350 lb-ft.
Yes    Ford Co-Pilot360 Driver Assistance Suite?    No

Listing the Ways the All-New 2019 Ford Edge Lineup Improves Upon the 2018 Ford Edge Lineup

Let’s get the most exciting piece of news regarding the all-new 2019 Ford Edge lineup out of the way first – the all-new Edge lineup will feature the first SUV to ever be crafted and engineered by the Ford Performance Team in the form of the 2019 Ford Edge ST. This all-new Edge model will house the segment’s most powerful V6 engine in the form of a 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost engine that can pump out 335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque – the highest power ratings of the 2019 Edge lineup. For comparison, the highest power ratings of the 2018 Edge lineup are 315 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque.


The 2019 Edge lineup still wins the power rating war if you’re looking at the base engines for each new Edge lineup. While they do offer the same amount of torque, the 2019 Edge’s base engine provides 250 horsepower, while the 2018 Edge’s base engine provides 245 horsepower.


The award for better features goes to the 2019 Edge as well. The main reason for that is that the 2019 Edge lineup will offer the all-new Ford Co-Pilot360 suite of advanced new driver assistance features standard. That’s in addition to all of the other advanced new safety, technology, comfort and convenience features offered by the all-new 2019 Ford Edge lineup.


If you’d like more information about the 2019 Ford Edge lineup or the 2018 Edge lineup, please get in touch with our Brandon Ford staff in Tampa, FL.

side view of the front interior of a 2019 Ford Edge ST
close up of the wireless charging station in a 2019 Ford Edge
side view of a blue 2019 Ford Edge ST driving on a highway
rear view of a blue 2019 Ford Edge