2019 Ford Explorer vs 2019 Volkswagen Atlas

2019 Ford Explorer vs 2019 Volkswagen Atlas

Everyone’s always looking for the next big thing – that all-new, debuting model that’s sure to set the automotive industry ablaze with excitement and anticipation. Volkswagen thought they had caught lightning in a bottle with the debut of the new Volkswagen Atlas lineup, but they forgot that you have to be more than just new to stand out in today’s SUV class.


They also forgot that the new Ford Explorer lineup at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, has been the best-selling three-row SUV for as long as we can remember – and you’re going to have to be extraordinary to best a streak like that. So, is the 2019 Atlas extraordinary or is the 2019 Explorer all set to continue its untouchable reign? Let’s find out in this 2019 Ford Explorer versus 2019 Volkswagen Atlas head-to-head model comparison.


2019 Ford Explorer    VS    2019 Volkswagen Atlas
3    Number of Engine Options    2
290 HP & 255 lb-ft.    Standard Power Ratings    235 HP & 258 lb-ft.
365 HP & 350 lb-ft.    Max Available Power Ratings    276 HP & 266 lb-ft.
21.0 ft.3    Cargo Space (All Seats Up)    20.6 ft.3

2019 Explorer vs 2019 Atlas: Comparing the Powertrain Options and Cargo Capacity of Two Top SUV Lineups

As we covered over the course of our introduction, the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas lineup has a lot to live up to if it wants to dethrone the 2019 Ford Explorer lineup. And, as you can see in our comparison table above, it doesn’t quite make the cut.


Not only does the 2019 VW Atlas lineup feature less powertrain options to choose from, the engines of those powertrain options are not nearly as powerful as those found under the hood of the 2019 Ford Explorer lineup. So, if power is what you need, a 2019 Ford Explorer at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, is what you’re going to want to get.


The same goes for those who need cargo space in their SUV, as also outline in our table above.


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front view of a white 2019 Ford Explorer
front interior of a 2019 Ford Explorer
rear interior of a 2019 Ford Explorer
rear view of a red 2019 Ford Explorer