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2021 Ford Expedition Lineup Tampa FL

Big and powerful. Those were really the only two positive words that could be used to describe the Ford Expedition lineups of yore. That’s because the other words and phrases that could be used to describe the old Expedition lineups weren’t all that positive – because they were words and phrases like gas-guzzler or hard to maneuver.

But all that has changed over the last few model years – and it’s all culminated in the 2021 Ford Expedition lineup available right here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL. Sure, our new 2021 Ford Expedition SUVs are still big and powerful, but what about those not-so-positive descriptions? Gas-guzzler? Not anymore. Instead, they offer best-in-class gas mileage. Hard to maneuver? Not at all thanks to a comprehensive suite of advanced new driver assistance systems. In fact, the entire 2021 Ford Expedition lineup has been updated and upgraded to be not only big and powerful, but also convenient, comfortable, and fun to drive – not to mention feature-filled and far more stylish than ever before.

Listing the Updates and Upgrades for the 2021 Ford Expedition Lineup at Brandon Ford in Tampa FL

Like we said in our introduction, the 2021 Ford Expedition lineup here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, is still big and powerful – and that’s even more true if you bypass the base 2021 Expedition lineup in favor of the 2021 Ford Expedition MAX lineup. But what about the rest of the updates and upgrades enjoyed by the lineup?

We already mentioned the best-in-class gas mileage offered by the 2021 Expedition lineup, so let’s take a look at some of its other impressive features. Thanks to powertrain upgrades, the 2021 Expedition lineup can now tow more than ever before – and it can do so easier than ever thanks to new features like the Pro Trailer Backup Assist system.

The 2021 Expedition lineup is much more of a family adventure lineup, too, thanks to a full slate of advanced new safety, technology, connectivity, comfort and convenience features.

If you’d like to learn more about everything the 2021 Ford Expedition lineup at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, can do for you, please feel free to give our staff a call or come see us on our lot.