Leasing A New Ford in Tampa, FL

There are a number of benefits that come with leasing a new Ford in Tampa, FL, even better is when you lease that Ford at Brandon Ford. We have a number of lease specials available for those interested in leasing. Others that are considering purchasing a new vehicle may also want to consider that leasing might be better for them.


For instance, leasing a vehicle typically ends up costing far less than buying one. You can also put much less down initially while still having a lower monthly payment. This is because you are only financing a portion of the total cost of the vehicle. A three year lease would have you pay the difference on the left over residual cost of whichever vehicle you choose. For instance, the F-150 holds 58% of its value after three years. This means you would only have to finance 42% of the vehicle.

Other Reasons to Lease a New Ford

The vehicle will be covered by a bumper to bumper warranty for the duration of the lease. And every three years, when your lease is up, you will get into a new vehicle that has all the latest technology. For drivers that like to have all the major amenities, this is the most ideal and least expensive route to take. It also keeps you in a new looking car and allows you to jump from style to style and figure out what the ideal vehicle is for you without having to make a long term commitment.


When you’re done with the vehicle all you have to do is return it. There is no need to try to trade it in or sell it. This makes getting out of one vehicle and into the next even easier. Our financial and sales teams at Brandon Ford are also exceptionally helpful. Not only will they find the vehicle you want, they will help to provide the best deal for you.

Lease A Ford Today

Our specially trained lease experts are here to help you as you lease your new vehicle. They will take you from start to finish on the lease process and help you go from one vehicle to the next with ease. Leases can sometimes be complicated, which is why we have staff in place to answer all of your questions.


Brandon Ford has an extensive selection of Ford vehicles to choose from, making it even easier to get the exact vehicle that you want without having to jump through hoops. Contact us at 813-246-3673 or online today to find out more about the leasing process and the options available at our dealership.

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