New Ford Commercial Vans in Tampa FL

front view of a 2022 Ford e-Transit

The new Ford cars, trucks and SUVs here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, are known the world over for their power, fuel efficiency, dependability, plethora of features, and fun to drive nature. But while all of our car-shopping customers know all about that, what they may not know is that our Brandon Ford lot also houses a huge inventory of new Ford commercial vans.


All of the business owners and commercial vehicle fleet managers in and around Tampa, FL, know that, though. That’s because our new Ford commercial vans are the most customizable, the most powerful, the most spacious, the most fuel efficient, and the most reliable in the business. And when your business relies on your commercial vehicle fleet, you need the best in the business – and you’ll find exactly that with the new Ford commercial vans here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL.

Why are the New Ford Commercial Vans Available at Brandon Ford in Tampa FL the Best Choice for Your Commercial Fleet?

We listed numerous reasons why our new Ford commercial vans here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, are the best choice for your commercial fleet – but let’s break things down even more.

Out of all the impressive features our new Ford commercial vans boast, probably the most impressive is just how customizable they are – which is incredibly important considering no two commercial fleets are the same or have the same needs.

In fact, our new Ford commercial vans here at Brandon Ford can be customized to fit your exact needs. More specifically, both our new Ford commercial passenger vans and cargo vans come in multiple shapes and sizes so you can get the exact new Ford commercial vehicle you need.


And each and every one of those new Ford commercial vans boasts a comprehensive suite of advanced new features and capabilities, making them the most technologically-advanced commercial vehicles available today.


So, if you’d like to learn all about the ways our new Ford commercial vans can help you and your business, please contact our staff here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL.

Ford Transit Cargo Van at a construction site
front interior of a 2022 Ford E-Transit
empty cargo area of a 2020 Ford Transit Cargo Van
Passenger space in a 2020 Ford Transit Passenger Van