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Transmission Flush in Tampa, FL

How long has it been since you had the transmission flushed in your vehicle? Transmission flushes are a very important service that most vehicles need to have done, whether they are manual or automatic. Each vehicle has a manufacturer’s recommended service schedule that lays out when important services should take place, and the transmission flush is included in this maintenance schedule. Typically, this service should take place every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, depending on the make and model. Are you interested in having your vehicle’s transmission flushed in Tampa, FL? Schedule a service appointment at Brandon Ford today! Continue reading below to learn more.

What happens if a transmission is not flushed?

Like most key components of a vehicle, the transmission needs service to operate as best it can. Transmission fluid circulates the component, cooling and lubricating it. As the transmission fluid wears down, it cannot operate as effectively and needs to be drained, flushed and replaced. If transmission fluid is not flushed, the driver may experience delayed shifting, grinding of gears, or even an inability to shift. You can check the condition of your transmission fluid via a dipstick in the engine and if the fluid is dark rather than red, it may be time for a transmission flush.

Schedule a Service Appointment at Brandon Ford

When it comes time to have your vehicle’s transmission flushed in the Tampa area of Florida, feel free to schedule a service appointment with our team at Brandon Ford. Our experienced technicians have the skills and training needed to make the necessary adjustments to keep your vehicle operating in tip-top shape. Service appointments can be scheduled on our website or by calling 813-246-3673. Thanks for reading—we look forward to working with you!

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